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Getting to known BioPAL

What is BioPAL

The BIOMASS Product Algorithm Laboratory (BioPAL) is an evolution of the software developed for the BIOMASS prototype processor into an open source library to be used and contributed by the scientific community.

BioPAL GitHub repository collects the software routines for processing Level 1 SAR products to generate Level 2 forest products of Above Ground Biomass (AGB), Forest Heigth (FH) and Forest Disturbance (FD). More details about these products and BIOMASS can be found in Science and Products and BIOMASS.


The BIOMASS Product Algorithm Laboratory (BioPAL) is an open-source scientific computing project, supporting the development of ESA’s BIOMASS mission algorithms coded in Python. The goal of the BioPAL project is to bridge the gap between advancements in scientific algorithm development and fast integration of these advancements into ESA’s BIOMASS’s ground operations. It is the first time that an official ESA Earth Explorer operational processor is supported by open and collaborative development of processing algorithms within the scope of an open-source software project and community.

First steps